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Web Site Analytics and Result Oriented Design Services

Adroit International understands the relationship between visitor behavior and log file data to pinpoint Web site problem areas.

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People surf the Web by skim reading and clicking. The general purpose of a commercial Web site is to steer the user in the direction we want be placing call to actions within the site that in return delivers a specific set of results.

Such tasks include…

  • Click past the home page
  • Read a product or service description
  • Download a sample
  • Read or print a supporting white paper
  • Complete a survey
  • Fill out the "Contact Us" form (lead capture)
  • Complete an order (online sales)
The list of tasks goes on and on…
Few companies track these tasks. And of the few that do, most fail to measure the clicks that precede each task. We use Google Analytics to help along with other proprietary software.
We have several options to choose from that can help you get this most out of your online efforts and only about 2% of all companies that say they can get your results actually can. We have proof. We have clients that rank #1 in the industry for some of the most search keywords in the world.

Website monitoring and management services

(this allows us to watch you current traffic and make small changes to the site for increased conversions)

Click heat management services

(we place a special program on your server that tells us were people mouse and click the most on your website which in turn gives us valuable inside info to their surfing habits and from this we make the necessary changes to increase conversions)

Marketing and Analytical Conversion Services

(this service has many different features. We use many of the above techniques and we guarantee to make your website convert above industry standards. We apply proprietary practices as well as obvious ones and make all the necessary changes to ensure each user is guided to a specific task when they visit. This requires the use of live spokes people, chat software among other application is some cases)
If you want to get the most out of you website give us a call today +91 99988 52781 and ask about our Analytical and Tracking service or fill out our request a quote form.
If you are also interested in SEO Services please contact our Small Business SEO Department for more information. Most of our SEO and SEM services comes with these services included.
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