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Q. What are different types of courses offered by Adroit International?

We provide the following courses:
  • PHP and MySQL
  • .Net
  • JAVA
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Q. Do you provide Certifications?

Yes, we provide the certifications. You will get our company certificate indicating the training course you have successfully completed.

Q. What are the benefits of training courses?

Training courses help you become more proficient on technology. Our courses are designed to provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn using real-world examples and hands-on exercises. Training will help you understand technology you use more deeply, so you can identify and solve challenges more easily. You'll be able to more fully engage with and apply technologies to find new opportunities for growth. And you'll be better equipped to be more successful.

Q. How do I take a training course?

For courses offered by Adroit International, simply find the courses you’d like to take and complete the registration process on this site. (See all currently available courses).

Q. How do I cancel my registration for a course?

Any request to cancel an Training course registration must be received in writing and confirmed by Adroit International at least 10 training days before the start of the training course. The course may then be rescheduled within the next 12 months at no additional charge. (Please note that Adroit International is only able to reschedule courses; no refunds of course fees are given at this time).

Q.How can we pay to get started?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover. We also accept Paypal, Checks, Money Orders and Western Union.

Q. I'm not sure which course if right for me. Where should I start?

You can start your search for training courses based on the technology you are interested in. Full course descriptions are available to help you learn more. You are also welcome to contact us for recommendations of courses for specific course—we’d be happy to help.

Still have a question?

Contact us and we'll get back to you with an answer.
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